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Are you tired of a damp and musty bathroom? Do you want to freshen up the air in your home? Look no further! In this article, we present to you the top Bathroom Exhaust Fans that will keep your space fresh and comfortable. These fans are designed to efficiently remove moisture and odor, ensuring a healthier and more pleasant environment. Get ready to breathe easy and upgrade your bathroom today!

The Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

  1. Broan 511 Exhaust Fan: Efficient Bathroom Ventilation — Experience powerful and efficient ventilation in your home with the 180 CFM, whisper-quiet Broan Room to Room Exhaust Fan, perfect for removing moisture, pollutants, and odors in larger spaces.
  2. Broan 682 Whisper-Quiet Duct-Free Bathroom Exhaust Fan (120V, 1 A) — Breathe easy in your home with the Broan 682 Duct-Free Ventilation Fan, designed to circulate fresh air and combat humidity, tobacco smoke, and cooking fumes in kitchens and other problematic areas.
  3. Vevor High-Efficiency Bathroom Ventilation Fan with LED Lighting — The VEVOR Bathroom Exhaust Fan combines LED lighting, ventilation, easy installation, quiet operation, and impressive 80 CFM airflow, making it perfect for medium and high-humidity environments.
  4. Broan AE50 Foldable Mid-Range Vent Fan — ENERGY STAR Certified & Airtight Design — Experience exceptional air circulation and improved building airtightness with the Broan AE50 50 CFM ENERGY STAR certified fan, designed for seamless installation in new construction and retrofit applications.
  5. QuFresh Slim Line Series Ceiling Dryer Fans for Bathrooms — Experience optimal air quality and moisture control in your home or commercial space with the QuFresh Slim Line ENERGY STAR rated Bath Fan, featuring versatile installation options, efficient ECM motor, and built-in humidity sensor.
  6. Hampton Bay Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Modern Efficiency for a Comfortable Space — Experience the perfect blend of performance and style with the Hampton Bay 80 CFM Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fan — ideal for medium bathrooms and easy to install without attic access.
  7. Brushed Nickel Roman Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light & Night-Light — Experience the perfect blend of ventilation and elegance with Good Housekeeping’s Roman Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan, featuring a quiet operation and an exquisite Brushed Nickel Finish.
  8. Efficient 80 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Adjustable LED Lighting — Experience hassle-free installation and powerful ventilation with ReVent’s 80 CFM Easy Installation Bathroom Exhaust Fan, featuring adjustable LED lighting and quick SheetLock mounting.
  9. Hampton Bay Heavy-Duty 80 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan — Experience the powerful and quiet Hampton Bay 80 CFM exhaust fan, designed to manage moisture in large bathrooms while maintaining an attractive low-profile appearance.
  10. Luxury 90 CFM Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Light — Good Housekeeping’s Kingsley Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fan with Lighting — a stylish, 90 CFM solution with a frosted white glass enclosure, efficient GFCI circuit for safe installations, and the option for wired light and vent fan configurations.

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Broan 511 Exhaust Fan: Efficient Bathroom Ventilation


The Broan Room to Room Wall Mount Utility Fan is a powerful ventilation solution designed for larger rooms or master baths. With an impressive air volume of 180 CFM, this fan effectively eliminates moisture, pollutants, and odors from your space.

One of the standout features is its whisper-quiet operation, thanks to its 4.5 Audible Sones. It also comes with a built-in variable speed control, allowing you to customize the fan speed and noise level to your preferences. The easy installation process makes it suitable for walls 3-in to 5.5-in thick, and the paintable white grilles blend seamlessly with any decor.

Constructed with durable galvanized steel housing, this fan is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last. Its rugged black epoxy paint finish adds to its durability, and the fan can be fastened to the walls in various ways for added flexibility.

A few extra details to note include the HVI Certified and UL Listed certifications, as well as the limited 1-year manufacturer warranty. Overall, the Broan Room to Room Wall Mount Utility Fan is a reliable and efficient choice for improving air quality and comfort in larger rooms.

Broan 682 Whisper-Quiet Duct-Free Bathroom Exhaust Fan (120V, 1 A)


Recently, I had the chance to try out the Broan 682 Duct-Free Fan to help with air circulation in my home. I was blown away by its compact design and whisper-quiet operation, even with the fan circulating air past the easily replaceable activated charcoal filter.

One thing I noticed right away was its user-friendly installation process. The fan was simple to put together, and I love the torsion springs grille mounting that didn’t require any tools. Unfortunately, the plastic grille was a bit flimsy, and the filter didn’t seem to remove the odors very effectively.

Overall, the Broan 682 Duct-Free Fan made a positive impact in my home, allowing me to breathe easier when it came to circulating air in the kitchen, laundry room, and workshop. However, I would recommend taking a closer look at the filter and grille before installation to ensure they are in good working condition.

Vevor High-Efficiency Bathroom Ventilation Fan with LED Lighting


This VEVOR Bathroom Exhaust Fan offers a fantastic combination of LED lighting and ventilation, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere while efficiently removing odors and humidity. The easy installation process, coupled with the fan’s quiet operation, ensures a quick setup and a peaceful indoor environment, even in high-humidity areas. Ideal for bathrooms up to 85 sq. ft. , this fan’s powerful 80 CFM airflow delivers excellent performance, all while being moisture and corrosion resistant.

Broan AE50 Foldable Mid-Range Vent Fan — ENERGY STAR Certified & Airtight Design


Introducing the Broan NuTone series, a groundbreaking mid-range ventilation fan that offers professionals a flexible solution for both new construction and room-side replacement applications. The innovative features of this fan include foldable mounting ears and new damper and housing technology which enhance building airtightness, leading to reduced backdrafts. In addition, the foldable mounting ears provide easy installation in various settings.

The fan housing’s connection also makes setting up a breeze. The ENERGY STAR certified product operates at a whisper-quiet 0.5 sones, efficiently circulating air and reducing moister buildup in your bathroom.

Choose from the burgundy color option to complement your decor. With an impressive 3.9-star rating and 17 reviews, the Broan NuTone series is a must-have exhaust fan for your bathroom.

QuFresh Slim Line Series Ceiling Dryer Fans for Bathrooms


The QuFresh Slim Line Bath Fans are a perfect addition to any bathroom, laundry room, or utility space, offering versatility and convenience for both home and commercial use. With a low profile steel housing designed for easy wall or ceiling installation, these exhaust fans feature a 4-inch oval duct connector and a spring-installed polymeric grille cover. They come with hanger bars and mounting tabs for hassle-free installation against a joist or stud. The fans offer three speed selections, with wiring knockouts on the housing for added flexibility.

Their ECM motor is highly efficient, operating quietly from 0.6 to 1.2 sones, and is equipped with a built-in humidity sensor that triggers the fan to operate on demand when needed. These fans are available in a sleek white color and are compatible with spaces up to 100 square feet. With their various features and quiet operation, these QuFresh Slim Line Bath Fans make an excellent choice for any room that needs odor ventilation, mildew prevention, and moisture reduction.

Hampton Bay Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Modern Efficiency for a Comfortable Space


Experience a refreshing bathroom atmosphere with the Hampton Bay 80 CFM Ceiling Mount Roomside Installation Bathroom Exhaust Fan. This fan boasts an impressive 80 CFM airflow for managing moisture in medium-sized rooms, eliminating mold and mildew growth. Perfect for smaller spaces, it operates at a moderate 2.0-Sones sound level, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Installation is a breeze with the no-custom-bundle design, not requiring attic access. The fan’s square-shaped grille adds to the attractive low-profile look, complementing any bathroom decor. Inside, it boasts a high-quality AC inductor capacitor motor, ensuring long-lasting performance.

A convenient 4-inch outlet for ducting allows for customization, while the electric-powered fan operates on 120V voltage. The 80 CFM, 2-sones fan weighs just 5.5lb, making it effortless to install and enjoy in your bathroom. Say goodbye to humid environments and hello to a fresh, comfortable space.

Brushed Nickel Roman Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light & Night-Light


Bathroom exhaust fans can either make or break a space, but Good Housekeeping’s Roman Decorative Ventilation Exhaust Fan takes it to the next level, transforming a functional room into a sophisticated one. The sleek design of the fan blends effortlessly into your bathroom, providing a touch of elegance that doesn’t feel out of place. Its 110 CFM airflow capabilities tackle pesky odors, moisture, and humidity with ease, creating a clean and comfortable environment.

This fan is not just a functional fixture; it also doubles as a stylish piece with a Brushed Nickel Finish and elegant scrollwork design. The Good Housekeeping Roman Bathroom Exhaust Fan is Damp Listed for use over a shower or tub with a GCFI circuit, making it compatible with different room configurations.

With two 60 watt A-15 bulbs (not included) and a 9-watt C7 watt nightlight (also not included) onboard, it provides ample lighting for your bathroom while addressing air circulation issues. Plus, installing the fan couldn’t be easier, making it a great choice for bathroom remodels or small changes in your living space.

Overall, Good Housekeeping’s Roman Bathroom Exhaust Fan is an impressive combination of style and effectiveness, perfect for anyone looking to elevate their bathroom’s ambiance while addressing air quality concerns.

Efficient 80 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Adjustable LED Lighting


When it comes to bathroom exhaust fans, ReVent’s 80 CFM Easy Installation model is a game changer. Its SheetLock tabs make installation a breeze, cutting down the installation time to just 30 minutes. But the real standout feature for me was the adjustable LED lighting.

With the option to switch between three different color temperatures, I was able to create the perfect lighting ambiance for my space. The ultra-quiet operation (0.8 sones) also made it a winner in my book, as I could finally enjoy some peace and quiet during my morning routine. There’s no doubt that the RVL80 is a powerful fan with a sleek design that adds a modern touch to any bathroom.

The only minor downside is that it’s a bit on the heavy side, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience and effectiveness it offers.

Hampton Bay Heavy-Duty 80 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan


I recently had the chance to try out the Hampton Bay 80 CFM exhaust fan for my bathroom, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. With its powerful 80 CFM airflow, it effectively reduces moisture in my bathroom, which helps prevent mildew and keeps the room fresh. But what truly impressed me the most is how quietly it runs; at just 2.0 sones, it’s almost like you can’t hear it running at all.

The fan has a low-profile grille style, making it not only functional but also adding an attractive touch to my bathroom decor. It was easy to install and compatible with duct sizes of 4 inches. I was happy to learn that this fan is UL-Listed, which means it’s a reliable choice for safety.

However, one thing I noticed was that the fan might be too much for smaller rooms, as it’s designed for spaces up to 80 sq. ft. While this isn’t a problem for my medium-sized bathroom, it’s something to consider if you have a smaller space.

Overall, I’m really pleased with my purchase of the Hampton Bay exhaust fan. It’s been a great addition to my bathroom, making it a more comfortable and pleasant place to be.

Luxury 90 CFM Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Light


I recently tried out the Good Housekeeping Kingsley Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Lighting in my own home, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint. The frosted white glass enclosure with matte black grill adds a sophisticated touch to any bathroom. Plus, its secure, screwless design makes it effortless to relamp and clean.

Installation was a breeze, too. The durable all-metal housing, complete with pre-installed hardware for both New and Roomside installations, had me up and running in no time. And with the option to wire the light and exhaust fan together or to independent switches, it made customization a breeze.

However, I did notice that the fan operates at 2.5 sones and 90 CFM, which isn’t the quietest or most powerful option on the market, so it might not be the best choice for those seeking a whisper-quiet experience.

Overall, the Good Housekeeping Kingsley Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Lighting is a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom. Its sturdy construction, convenient features, and modern aesthetic make it a solid choice for any home.

Buyer’s Guide

A bathroom exhaust fan is a crucial element in maintaining a fresh and healthy bathroom environment. It helps to remove moisture, odors, and airborne pollutants, ultimately reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth. This buyer’s guide will provide you with essential features to consider when selecting a bathroom exhaust fan, alongside valuable advice for making an informed decision.

Features to Consider

When purchasing a bathroom exhaust fan, evaluate the following features to ensure it suits your needs and preferences. Note that there might be more options available, but these are the crucial ones to consider when making a purchase decision:

  1. Noise level, 2. CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating, 3. Dimensions, 4. Installation type, and 5. Additional features.

Noise Level

Since a bathroom exhaust fan may run continuously or frequently, noise can be a significant issue for some users. If noise is a concern, look for fans with low decibel ratings (dB). There are generally three types of bathroom exhaust fan noises:

  1. Quiet, 2. Moderate, and 3. Noisy. Consider your personal preference and the proximity of the fan to your bedroom or shared spaces when choosing the right noise level.

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) Rating

The CFM rating, or cubic feet per minute, indicates the fan’s efficiency in removing moisture and air from the bathroom. A higher CFM rating means the fan can handle larger spaces more effectively. To determine the appropriate CFM for your bathroom, measure its dimensions (length, width, and height) and use the formula: CFM = Area x Velocity. Consult with bathroom exhaust fan manufacturers to help you find the right CFM rating for your specific needs.

Dimensions and Installation Type

Bathroom exhaust fans come in various sizes, shapes, and installation types. 1. Wall mount, 2. Ceiling mount, and 3. Flush mount are common installation types. Choose a type that fits your bathroom design and the location where you plan to install the fan. Measure the available space for the fan, as well as the height and width of the area to be vented. Additionally, consider the distance between the fan and the vent, if applicable, to ensure proper airflow.


What is a bathroom exhaust fan and why is it important?

A bathroom exhaust fan is a device that extracts moist air, odors, and steam from the bathroom to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment. It is crucial for preventing mold and mildew growth and keeping the air fresh in the bathroom. Regular use of an exhaust fan can also help reduce condensation on windows, mirrors, and walls, minimizing the risk of water damage.

Moreover, exhaust fans can contribute to energy efficiency by improving the overall air quality in the home, as they help remove pollutants and odors that might accumulate otherwise. This in turn helps reduce the need for artificial ventilation methods, such as air conditioners or dehumidifiers, to maintain a comfortable living environment.

What are the different types of bathroom exhaust fans?

There are several types of bathroom exhaust fans available, including basic fan models, ducted fans, and HEPA filtered fans. Basic fans are the most common and cost-effective option, but they may not be as effective in removing contaminants and eliminating odors as ducted fans. Ducted fans involve the use of ducts to directly vent the air outside the home, providing a more efficient method of removing moisture and odors. HEPA filtered fans, on the other hand, are designed to filter out even the smallest particles and allergens, which can be beneficial for people with allergies or respiratory issues.

When considering which type of exhaust fan is best for your bathroom, it is essential to consider factors such as the size of your bathroom, the level of humidity, and the presence of allergens. Consulting with a professional or reviewing product specifications can help you make an informed decision.

How does a bathroom exhaust fan work?

A bathroom exhaust fan works by drawing moist air, odors, and steam out of the bathroom and venting it directly outside or into another part of the home. The fan is typically mounted on the ceiling or near the bathroom door, within a few feet of the shower or bath. When the fan is turned on, it creates suction and draws air towards the fan, which is then transported through a vent or ducting system and expelled outside.

Many modern exhaust fans also feature a built-in sensor that automatically turns on when it detects high levels of humidity or steam, ensuring that the bathroom remains dry and comfortable. Some models may also include additional features, such as adjustable speed settings, quiet operation, or a light kit to improve visibility in the bathroom.

How do I choose the right size of bathroom exhaust fan?

When selecting the right size of bathroom exhaust fan, it is essential to consider the size and layout of your bathroom. Generally, a fan with a blower rating of at least 1 CFM (cubic foot per minute) per square foot of bathroom space is recommended for optimal performance. This ensures that the fan can effectively remove the necessary amount of humidity and odors from the bathroom.

It is also important to pay attention to the fan’s noise level and energy consumption. Most modern exhaust fans are designed to be quiet and energy-efficient, so you should look for a fan with a high efficiency rating and low noise level. Lastly, consider the fan’s venting options, as some models may only vent to the outdoor environment, while others can be vented into the attic or crawlspace. Proper venting is crucial for maintaining air quality and preventing potential mold or mildew growth in the bathroom.

How do I install a bathroom exhaust fan?

Installing a bathroom exhaust fan typically requires some electrical and venting know-how. While installing the fan yourself may be possible, it is always recommended to consult with a professional electrician or contractor, especially if you are uncertain about your abilities. They can help ensure that the fan is installed correctly, safely, and efficiently.

In general, you will need to follow these steps to install a bathroom exhaust fan:

  1. Determine the appropriate location for the fan, either on the ceiling or a wall near the door. 2. Identify the suitable venting location, either outdoors, into the attic, or into the crawlspace, depending on the model you have chosen. 3. Install the fan housing, which is the decorative outer portion of the fan. 4. Connect the fan to the electrical system, following the manufacturer’s instructions and ensuring that it is properly wired and grounded. 5. Install the ductwork or venting system, as required by your chosen model. 6. Test the fan to ensure it is functioning correctly and safely.

What are some common problems or issues with bathroom exhaust fans?

Some common problems or issues with bathroom exhaust fans include insufficient venting, noise, lack of efficient airflow, and improper installation. To address these issues, it is essential to choose a well-designed exhaust fan with the right blower rating, noise level, and appropriate venting options. Additionally, having the fan installed by a professional electrician or contractor can help ensure its proper functioning and safety.

In case you are experiencing problems with your bathroom exhaust fan, it is essential to consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for support. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the fan blades and filters, can also help prolong the fan’s lifespan and improve its overall performance. If the issue persists or poses a safety risk, it is recommended to replace the faulty component or the entire fan.

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